Battlefield #1 & Battlefield #2

Intel i7-7700K OC
4/8t – 4.7 GHz/5.00 GHz
64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
2x SSD NVMe 450 GB
Located in UK

€140 p/m

Vanilla x2

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
6/12t – 3.8 GHz/4.40 GHz
32GB DDR4 2400 MHz
2x SSD NVMe 500 GB
Located in Germany

€100 p/m

Server (virtualized) for Website, Apps, ..

Intel i7-4770
4 C / 8 T – 3.4 GHz
32 GB Ram
2x 240 GB SSD
1x 500 GB SSD

€45 p/m

DDoS Protection

We use the Anti-DDoS Game provided by OVH

You can find all available VIP Packages and In-game perks here
Yes, you may join it by clicking here.

Option #1
Use the In-Game F7 function, this way our admins are able to see your reports and Facepunch also gets notified.

Option #2
Join our Discord server to contact a Staff Member or leave us a message in #cheatreport.
Click here to Join Our Discord Server!

It is also helpful to record and upload videos that show evidence of the (suspected) cheater.

Because English is an international language, meaning that the majority of our population speak and understand this language. We also have many chat regulations, so to enforce these it is important that our staff can understand what is being said.
You can appeal your ban in Discord, channel #ban-appeal.
There is an M249 in every airdrop. You can get airdrops from the /kit discord
Click here to link your Discord
Here are a few reasons as to why your base was removed:
1) Bases of inactive players are removed automatically.
2) Anything outside of a tool cupboard’s radius is removed automatically.
3) Your base was raided so it was removed.
4) Raiders destroyed your TC’s so your base got Purged.
5) A raider got the TC to your newly placed house and used the hammer tool to remove.
6) A ‘friend’ or clan member used /remove on it. Only add people you trust! or adjust your /share settings

You can get access to these kits by linking your Discord here.
Please keep in mind, you may have to wait 5 minutes until you’re granted kit permissions.
Chat commands for the VIP Kit

/kit vipl (for Lite)

/kit vip & /kit vipbuild (for Basic)

/kit vipp & /kit vippbuild (for Premium)

/kit vipd & /kit vipdbuild (for Deluxe)

/kit boss & /kit bossbuild (for BOSS)

You can call a Helicopter using the chat command /callheli.
The chopper command has an 1 hour cooldown and can be called 5 times a day.
All VIP ranks have the same cooldown and countdowns which is 50% of regular players.

Example for TPR: VIPs have 45 seconds cooldown and 7 seconds countdown (regular 90/15 seconds).

While you can activate multiple VIP ranks, only the highest VIP kit will be redeemable.
Magic Craft is an alternative crafting system (or lack thereof), it’s a way to bypass the traditional system of crafting on specific items. This basically means crafting is instant.
Chat commands

/reskin to open the skin menu
/loadout save to saves your loadout
/loadout reset to reset to the default loadout

Watch the video below to see an example.


For VIPs watch this video below.


Aim at any entity and acquire target lock, then watch as your rockets follow its target.
Sadly no. There is no way for us to check what items you had before the server went offline.