Punishment for breaking any of these rules depend upon the severity and are completely at the digression of Staff.

  • English in Global Chat
    As this is an English speaking server, we do not allow any other languages to be spoken in Global Chat. If you wish to speak to someone in any language; You can use the /pm command. For more info on how to use the pm command go to /help. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a server mute.
  • No Hate Speech / Racism
    Here at CosaNostra, we have a zero tolerance policy against Racism. Therefore, if you fail to abide by this rule, it will result in a ban.
  • No Hackusations in global chat
    We do not allow any form of hackusation in our global chat. Due to Rust being in Alpha and the high population of our servers, there is a high chance you will come in contact with a cheater. To combat this, we need you to report them the right way. How to correctly report a cheater is explained in our FAQ. Failure to abide by this rule could result in a mute.
  • No Hacking / Bug Abuse
    We do not allow any form of Cheats/Hacks on any of our servers. If you are caught cheating/hacking, you will be permanently banned. Your ban will also be shared with other Server Owners and the Game Devs. Meaning that if you are banned for hacking here, you will receive a game ban very quickly.Any form of exploitation (for example Building inside of foundations or placing stashes under foundations) is also strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.
  • Be respectful to our Staff & Community
    Here at CosaNostra, we have an extremely active Staff team that try their best to promote a safe/clean playing environment for our Community. Therefore, we do not tolerate any form of disrespect towards our Staff & Players. Failure to abide by this Rule could result in a mute or even a ban.
  • Base Limit
    A players base can’t be greater than 8000 entities. It doesn’t matter if it’s built by one player or a group, if we find a base that is far beyond the allowed value, we will remove it without warning. Entities created by players are building blocks, doors, codelocks, furnaces and sleeping bags.
  • Airdrop Limit
    We don’t allow players to drop more than five supply signals simultaneously because of the server’s performance.