• English in Global Chat
    As this is an English speaking server, we do not allow any other languages to be spoken in global chat.
    If you wish to speak to someone in any language you can use the pm command.
  • Toxicity
    Harassment, extreme cases of disrespect, racism and hate speech will not be tolerated!
    Banter is allowed, however, if we feel it has gone too far we will intervene.
  • Doxing
    Any form of doxing, whether it’s your own, not your own, fake, or not fake is not tolerated!
  • Hacking and Exploiting
    Any form of cheating, exploitation or hacking is strictly forbidden!
    If we find previous accounts of yours that have been banned by Facepunch or CosaNostra, we reserve the right to ban all current and future accounts.
  • Hackusations
    We do not allow any form of hackusation in our servers, instead use our report system.
  • Advertisement
    Any form of advertising is not allowed. This includes other servers’ IPs, names or Discord servers.
  • Base Limits
    Bases are controlled by the Rust Upkeep System however if a base or a compound lags the server or players, it will get removed without warning.
    It is also forbidden to mass spam debloyables.
  • Group Limits
    A group or clan can not exceed a total player count of 8.
    Roaming or Raiding with a larger group than 8 is allowed.

    For Battlefield #2 the limit is 4 players.