Punishments for breaking any of these rules depends upon the severity and is completely at the discretion of our Staff

  • English in Global Chat
    As this is an English speaking server, we do not allow any other languages to be spoken in Global Chat. If you wish to speak to someone in any language; You can use the /pm command. For more info on how to use the pm command go to /help.
  • Hate Speech / Racism
    Here at CosaNostra we have a zero tolerance policy towards both Racism and Hate Speech. This includes but is not limited to – insulting a players race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, disability and sexual orientation.
  • Hackusations
    We do not allow any form of hackusation in our servers. How to correctly report a cheater is explained in our FAQ.
  • Hacking / Bug Abuse
    We do not allow any form of Cheats/Hacks. Any form of exploitation is also strictly forbidden. If we find previous accounts of yours that have an EAC/gameban on Rust, we reserve the right to ban all current and future accounts.
  • Respect our Staff & Community
    Harassment and extreme cases of disrespect will not be tolerated. We understand a little disrespect is a part of Rust culture and will allow for this. However, if we feel it has gone too far and believe a member is toxic we will intervene. We will also not tolerate any form of “Doxxing”; Releasing personal details of a user. (whether it’s your own, not your own, fake, or not fake).
  • Base Limits
    A player/groups base can’t be greater than 5000 entities. Entities created by players are building blocks, doors, codelocks, furnaces and sleeping bags.
  • Group Limits
    A clan/group of players should not exceed a total member count of 8. It is also forbidden for two or more groups of people to build/reside within the same area or base.
  • Raid Limits
    A Raid may not exceed a total of 8 players on any one team.
  • Airdrop Limits
    We don’t allow players to drop more than 5 supply signals simultaneously.