Perks Explained

Chat Tag

VIP’s receive an in-game chat tag and a colored name depending on which package they choose.

Discord Role

Gain access to our Discord’s #vip channel. You’ll also get a cool VIP tag and Username color.
Make sure to link your account here. The verification process can take up to 5 minutes.

Sign Artist

Load custom images to signs/picture frames from a URL or type text onto it. Point to a sign and type /sil [url]
or /silt [message] [fontsize: number] [color: hex value] [bgcolor: hex value] if you want to use a text instead.

Spawn Minicopter

Spawn Minicopter

Let’s you spawn a Minicopter with the command /myheli. Higher VIP rank lowers the cooldown on the command.


Additional Kits for supporting our Server
You can find everything about our Kits on our Store page

Airdrop and Chopper

As VIP you can use /callheli [name] to summon a chooper on the targeted name. Airdrops can be summoned by using Supply Signals which are included in the Kits.

Cooldown and Cooldown Reduction

All VIP ranks have the same cooldown and countdowns on teleport which is -50% of non VIP players.
Cooldown is 45 seconds and countdown is 7 seconds.

Home Limit

Depending on the Package you choose you can have more home locations.


You can choose between 8 different crosshairs with /crosshair [1-8] and disable it with /crosshair 0.

Bypass Queue

This feature will let you skip server queues even if the server is full. It will also allow you to bypass the player limit.


With /reskin you can change the skin of your weapons, clothes or other items.
Reskin includes all approved workshop skins and some custom ones suggested by the community.


Players on our servers spawn with guns, gear and tools. As VIP member the list of items expands
and allows you to use more items. You can also rearrange your hotbar and it will save even after you respawn.

Instant Repair

Allows you to repair walls, deployables or vehicles with one hit.

Lock-On Rocket

Aim at any entity and acquire target lock, then watch as your rockets follow its target.

Extra Space

Large Wooden Boxes have 12 more slots.


MagicCraft is an alternative crafting system (or lack thereof), it’s a way to bypass the traditional system of crafting on specific items. This basically means crafting is instant.